Orthodontic Technology Options

Here is some more information regarding the various options with todays orthodontic technology. Ceramics and other innovative materials are playing new roles in providing options for patients wanting more invisable styles of appliances during treatment. Actually in some cases some individuals require a certain appearance, or perhaps more accurately, they need a lack of noticeable treatment due to their specific vocational duties.

Also, some patients cases are suitable for accelerated treatments. However, Dr. Hunt’s primary focus is first on each patients best interests, which means he never recommends any technologies that are not thoroughly acclaimed and proven to be the very best practices by the highest orthodontic peer review.

In the tabs under this header, you can get an overview of various approaches. Talk to Dr. Hunt about what technological options may be available to you. This is often an area that our adult patient take an interest in. Dr. Hunt is extremely advanced in the latest technologies and helps patients feel secure in knowing they have the information and understanding to make the best informed decisions for their individual well being. Click on any of the images below to see the details of that particular technology.

Invisalign® The Clear alternative to braces
Acceledent Orthodontic Technology