Patient Financial Information

Orthodontic Treatment Payment Options

The orthodontic treatment fee will vary between each patient depending upon the severity of the orthodontic problem, the complexity of the treatment, and total treatment time.

With credit approval, payment for treatment can be arranged in convenient installments tailored to meet your financial situation and preference. Typically, payments are made in the form of an initial down-payment when the appliances or braces are placed, followed by monthly payments until the total fee has been paid.

The number of monthly installment payments may be, but is not necessarily, based on the estimated length of time in treatment. If intraoffice financing is available, no interest or finance charges will be applied to installment payments, however, an additional fee for late payments will be assessed on all accounts with a past due balance. To qualify for intraoffice financing, a credit report is required.

If treatment continues beyond the normal estimated treatment time because of the lack of patient cooperation or a change in the treatment plan beyond the scope of the original proposed treatment, additional charges may be incurred.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise and that you might desire alteration of our original financial agreement. We will always be happy to discuss your account at any time and work out a solution to your concerns.


We would like to assist you in claiming orthodontic benefits that you may have under your dental insurance program. It’s important to understand your benefits before you begin your treatment. The total amount of orthodontic benefit and how it will be paid depends upon your particular policy. We accept any insurance with orthodontic benefits.  We file for you and under normal circumstances the benefit will come directly to us, which has the effect of lowering your monthy payment.