Please fill out all of the required fields and then use the SUBMIT button at the bottom of this page when you are finished.

Your child’s “Patient information” will be sent directly to our office and you will see a “SUCCESS” confirmation message immediately after your submission. We will also confirm directly with you again after we have received your information. Hunt Orthodontics makes every effort to never keep our patients waiting when you visit the office. We believe your time is as important as anyone else’s time.

This form works well and is easy to use… however with the hope your experience is excellent, we offer this suggestion. Bearing in mind, that web browsers time-out occassionally and sometimes they just do unpredictable frustrating stuff. A safe suggestion is to prepare your information on your own computer… so it’s backed up on a word processing file of some kind and then you can easily copy and paste your answers into this form and not risk any potential cyber frustration. Most of our patient’s love this convenience. However, if you prefer… you can always download the patient forms from our Form DownLoad Page and print them out and mail them the office. Please call us at 864-268-2800 with any questions. Thank you.

If You Are Submitting One Form… For One Patient… Ignore All The Information Below…  Thank You.

The information below is to help family’s and people who need to fill out forms for more than one person. Please read before filling 2nd form.





*IMPORTANT NOTE – Please Read Carefully – But, This only applies if/when you need to submit multiple forms.

*You Will Have To Clear Your Computer’s Cache After the 1st Form… If You Want to Submit More Than One Form… From Your Computer… Please Clear Your Computer’s Cache Before Filling The 2nd Form.

In Other Words… You Fill out a form and then want to fill out another form… for another person.

Example: You want to submit forms for two children at the same time. Here’s what to do.

Fill out the 1st form and hit submit button and get your confirmation box… and then clear your computer’s cache and bring up a new form page… then fill the 2nd form. That has to be done because these forms are transmitted via a SECURE SERVER and it both protects you and it is required by law even if some folks do not know it..

HERE IS A VIDEO OF HOW TO DO IT (Clear your Cache)… this is what you do… to submit a second form…
otherwise… you will see a “This Form May Only Be Submitted Once”… Error Message Pop-up.


To submit another form… after you have submitted one… you have to clear your computer’s temporary stored memory about our website which is most often referred to as your computer’s CACHE.

Clearing your computer’s cache is very easy. If you happen to be unfamiliar with how to actually do it… here’s what you do. (or watch the video above)
1. Determine which browser you are using (Chrome, Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc., etc.) and have a look at it’s navigation bar on the top or bottom of your screen… where ever you may have it positioned. They are all quite similar and yet have some differences too.

Many people not in the “computer tech sector” are not familiar with this whole SECURE SERVER thing and why should they be… we didn’t know the difference for quite some time until we asked for help to make sure we protect our patient’s privacy and information. You can notice that we have taken the lead in patient security by securing ALL of our website. It is protected in the same way as people who do banking online. You can look at the top of any page to see the green lock and Doctor Donald W. Hunt, Jr.’s, name and Credentials.

However, our patient form submissions pages… uses yet an extra layer of patient protection. Our patient’s like the convenience of being able to exchange the information needed for treatment… right here online. Of course you can always download our forms and print them out and mail them in… if that is your preference.