Patient’s Results  – Before & After

Dr. Hunt Jr, is an orthodontist who is passionate about patient education. He is also well aware that some people are naturally more interested in the benefits of their orthodontic braces treatments and perhaps not the technicalities. They simply want the results and trust Hunt Orthodontics to deliver. Some patients, on the other hand feel more comfortable thoroughly understanding exactly what is going on with their procedures. They feel more confident and relaxed because we make sure they are well informed throughout their treatments. Patients deserve clear step by step  communication. There is absolutely no question, that you may have, that is unimportant.

We always want to make as much technical information as possible to be available to all who are interested. Understandably, not everyone gets as excited as Dr. Hunt is about the technical advances an orthodontist can provide. We are dedicated to making sure our patients and the community have access to as much technical information as they wish. Slider controls will appear with cursor hover.

To control the slides: Simply hover your cursor over the images anywhere… and the forward and back arrows will appear. The slides will remain paused with your cursor hovered on any slide. The back and forward arrows move the slides in sequence… or click on any of the small dots below the slide show to navigate directly to that slide. We believe a lot of patients are interested in the details of orthodontic treatments in Greenville, SC. Thank you to all our patients who have so generously shared their experience and those who kindly provided a feedback/ review.

Only actual  patients of Dr. Hunt, Jr. are shown here. All these patients have been generous enough to share their smiles and given full authority in compliance with HIPAA to publicize their results. However, no patient of Hunt Orthodontics (or their personal information) is EVER publicized in anyway whatsoever without their expressed consent. Important FYI: There are never any expectations of patients to share any information. These happen to be some of our literally thousands of patients who are generous in happily sharing their results with us all. These are all clinical images. If perhaps you prefer to skip to just the finished results… Click Here to Look Through The Smile Gallery.