People trust us with their lives and that is the most serious responsibility possible.

Dr.Hunt is very straight forward about choosing our team members based on skill and a love for caring for each patients individual needs. It is not a coincidence that we all share a common bond of loving what we do…and when you love what you do, it’s feels very good. It mean’s we all care for one another. It’s a joy doing serious work together.

guitarsIt so happens that Dr. Hunt also has several hobbies he enjoys outside of work. Music and playing the guitar is one of his favorites. Helping to literally build smiles in the office is very special… and getting to see how good people feel about their new smiles is humbling.

Music often makes people feel like smiling too. We tease Dr. Hunt a little bit about how he just loves to bend wires… one way or another, he’s always bending a wire somewhere… whether he’s in the office focused on building  bigger smiles or playing his guitar. He doesn’t mind. He laughs and smiles when we kid him about taking his wire bending seriously. ” Either way, it does make more smiles:)”

The Note Ropes Have been a staple at the Albino Skunk Festival


Dr. Hunt Really Enjoys Playing Guitar

He’s A Member of The Honky Tonk Band



The Note Ropers