Specializing in Wilckodontics® in Greenville, SC

Dr. Donald W. Hunt, Jr. is the first orthodontist to be trained and licensed to provide “Wilckodontics” or Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics in the Upstate of South Carolina.


What is Wilckodontics® and the AOO™ Procedure?

Years of research has culminated in the development of a new procedure by which teeth can be moved approximately 4 times faster than ever before possible. As a result, the treatment time for most orthodontic cases can be reduced to 3 to 8 months.

This new patented method is a combination of time-tested and proven techniques from the fields of orthodontics and periodontics and is called Wilckodontics.Wilckodontics is also known as Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO) procedure. It is a combination of orthodontics and periodontal surgical procedures.

What changes when teeth are moved is the bone and gum support around the teeth. Since bone is hard and dense, the time it takes to move the teeth is related to the density of the bone. AOO grafts new bone under the gums and changes the biology of the processes of tooth movement. While the bone remodels the movement of the teeth is faster.With the AOO procedure, patients who would have declined orthodontics strictly due to the length of treatment now have a viable alternative.

This group of patients has tended to include adolescents who do not want to wear braces for 1 1/2 to 3 years while in high school and adults whose social or professional responsibilities would preclude their wearing braces for a long period of time. The AOO procedure is feasible for most patients, regardless of age, as long as their permanent teeth are present.

The trend in orthodontics over the past several decades has been to improve the treatment for patients through advances in metallurgy and chemistry. This can be seen in the evolution of arch wires, bands, brackets, cements, and bonding materials. These advances have definitely improved the manner and efficiency with which the orthodontic forces are transferred to the crowns of the teeth. However, even with of all these advances the bone biology is still the major limiting factor in speed of treatment.

The AOO procedure has addressed this dilemma by exploiting the dynamics of bone physiology and redirecting the emphasis in tooth movement to the manner in which the supporting bone responds to orthodontic forces rather than just concentrating on the manner in which the forces are applied to the teeth. By stimulating and harnessing the innate potentials of living bone the teeth can be made to move through the bone very rapidly and when the tooth movement is completed the bone around the roots of the teeth will rebuild itself.

Please remember, every person has a different malocclusion and the severity of the individual malocclusion is a major factor that will contribute to ones overall treatment time.Questions� Ask Dr. Hunt, he’ll be happy to help you understand anything you have questions about.

The following benefits are unique to these procedures:

  • Faster tooth movement.
  • Most orthodontic cases can be treated 3 to 4 times faster!
  • Improved periodontal support, both gum and bone support for the teeth.
  • Improved stability of the orthodontic correction.
  • Reduction of root resorption.
  • Tooth movement is less painful.

For patients that already require periodontal surgery due to a lack of periodontal support, either bone or gum support of the teeth, the combination of orthodontic treatment and AOO is often the choice of therapy. These procedures are performed only by doctors trained in the Wilckodontics technique. For those of you who may be considering this procedure, we can share video interviews and photographs of patients that have completed their orthodontics.

Please visit www.wilckodontics.com for more information or contact our Greenville, SC Orthodontic Office to learn more about Wilckodontics®.