Dr. Donald W. Hunt Jr. DMD, MSD

“Orthodontic Treatments Vary for Individuals.”

However, Dr. Hunt Believes:
“The Quality of Each Patient’s Treatment Should Never Vary.”
“ONLY The Very Best Orthodontic Care Humanly Possible
Is Provided For Each and Every Individual Treatment.”

Life With Braces

Dr. Hunt, Jr. grew up with the exciting benefit of his father being an orthodontist. Dr. Hunt, Senior was very passionate about his practice of orthodontics and his son Dr. Hunt, Jr. had the extra benefit of a head start studying orthodontics his entire life, from his father who also loved to teach.

Doctor Hunt, Jr. continues the teaching tradition with perhaps even more passion. He likes teaching, but not lecturing. His style is comfortable, and with the attitude of sharing information with patients, making sure they are included. He enjoys taking the time with each individual so they may be informed and secure with a thorough step by step illustration of their personalized treatment.

He wants to make sure every patient has advance knowledge and expectations. It is especially a priority that patients feel secure, comfortable, and at ease. He emphasizes treatment always be of the highest professional level while done in a manner of how we treat patients personally as people.  He has gathered a staff of top professionals who know how to care for people.

Dr. Hunt thinks patient doctor communication is important and he not only encourages questions, but always enjoys making sure treatments are clearly explained. While there is some work involved, the great thing about your investment of time and energy in orthodontics is you can count on amazing results that you can make last a lifetime.

For every one who is interested in the technical side of different orthodontic treatments and the different braces or appliances that are used, Hunt Orthodontics continuosly adds and updates information on this website. Dr. Hunt is committed to providing the most state of the art advances and as much information as possible. For those interested you can have a look at some of these great before and after photographs and an outline of their particular processes to acheive results.